Alphabet Anatomy - The Art of Learning the Letters and Their Lives

2013 PAL Award Winner for pre-reading skills & top 10 list of books!   Best alphabet book to teach your child how to read and write the letters.  Watch for our Parent Guide, coming soon!

The loveable alphabet letters brought to life according to their alphabetic structure, so children make sense of letter shapes and sounds.

Innovative rhyming verses and whimsical illustrations provide the best way to teach your child the alphabet and learn fundamental literacy concepts.

Facilitates easy visual and auditory recall of the four letter components, including how to write them, plus all the benefits of rhyming.

Ensure your child has a solid literacy foundation.  Proficient reading and writing skills are most essential.  Maximize the critical years from birth to age 5.

Resource page included to extend the learning.  Visit our News page to read our reviews.

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Watch the Alphabet Anatomy Rap!  AlphabetAnatomy





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