Always Near…

The following message from GodVine appeared in my inbox this afternoon, perfectly timed of course, since I’ve been struggling lately to really believe that God hears me and cares about my life.  I know He takes us through trials, often very difficult ones, to bring us closer to Him and strengthen our faith and trust.  […]

The Importance of Building Vocabulary

Alphabet Anatomy intentionally uses “big words” to describe each letter’s life and character, and there are even a few not so common words in Meet the Capital Letters’ rhyming verses.  There seems to be some controversy that preschool children may find these words “over their heads” or that “big words” may not be suitable to use in teaching […]

A Brand New Year

It’s always just a tiny bit sad when Christmas is over.  All the built-up anticipation for so many weeks, the planning to get everything just right, the excitement, but most of all the love and kindness that always abounds during the holidays — I love that feeling — and then the magic quietly dissipates.  Everything […]