School’s Out …. for Summer!

Alice Cooper’s lyrics are resounding in my head!!  “No more pencils, no more books….”   You know summer is officially here when the last day of school arrives.  The kids are ecstatic; the moms not so much…  If you’re wondering how to fill all those blistery summer days, keep the kiddos smiling, avoid the boredom […]

Happy Teacher’s Week

Good evening, everyone!  I’ve been really busy on some very exciting things that are coming in the near future but I wanted to give a big shout-out to all you amazing teachers out there.  Although my boys are older now, I’m still so grateful to the incredibly caring teachers who touched their lives in such […]

Happy May Day!

Seriously, I can’t believe it’s May 1st already!  One-third of 2013 is gone.  Hey, TIME – you really need to slow down…   So what comes to mind for May — flowers of course!  And I have lots right in my front yard.  On this beautiful spring morning I spent a little time on our […]