All grown up…

Yesterday was the end of an era in the Jones household.  Branson and I went back-to-school shopping…. for the last time [sniff, sniff, very sad face].  He’s a senior this year!!!!  My baby, the 4th and last of my beautiful boys, is grown up.  Actually, it was just clothes shopping.  In high school, the excitement of organizing new crayons, pencils, and markers into a brand new backpack has long passed.  Those days were safely tucked into my memory a few years back…




Did you really have to grow up so fast, Branson?!  You stand 6’3″ now and wear size 12 shoes?!  I remember when you were two weeks old.  I was holding you on the couch, completely overwhelmed with love and joy, at the realization of how incredibly blessed I was, and am, to have you.  A lot of times words aren’t sufficient to express what we hold in our hearts….  You were the surprise baby.  You gave me the overwhelming opportunity to again experience love at first sight and a zillion indescribable moments that make a mom’s heart feel like bursting.




17 years seems like a long time, but it’s really not….  I’m so proud of you, Branson.  You are brilliant, kind, funny, and incredibly talented — a bright and shining star in my world.  I hope you have an incredible senior year.  I know you’ll do great things.




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