Alphabet Anatomy - The Art of Learning the Letters and Their Lives

The Essence of True Character

I was going through my Word documents a few days ago and came upon this exceptionally beautiful writing by Ralph Waldo Emerson about character that I must have copied some time ago. I think it’s so worth sharing, especially in these times when the world seems to be experiencing such division and unrest on a […]

Defining Alphabet Anatomy

What do you think of when you hear the phrase, “Alphabet Anatomy?”   Of course it pertains to the alphabet, but let me explain a little further. Alphabet Anatomy literally examines, depicts, and describes the structure of each alphabet letter, thus its “anatomy.”     Learning to name and associate the alphabet letters with their […]

Everywhere a Sign

I had heard the stories before, read about them in the newspaper, cried compassionate tears imagining the unbearable suffering. I would never survive it…, was always my immediate response. NEVER!   He was my firstborn son, a perfect ten pounds and 22 ½” long, who would grow to be 6’4” and tower over his dad […]

Dogs Could Heal the World

It was a thoughtful conversation with a complicated topic — trying to dissect the world’s problems and the best way to keep our spirits elevated while still remaining sufficiently informed of current events. A family discussion over morning coffee…. Not a cheery way to start the day, I know, but at least it was engaging […]

Shimmer My Glimmer

It had crossed my mind a few times that this day might eventually come, but I wasn’t quite sure.  I admired those other brave people who could so valiantly turn tragedy into triumph and use it to help others, but I preferred to shut the world out.  I was hopelessly engulfed in the most heart-wrenching […]

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

    The legendary Theodor Seuss Geisel graced our world on March 2, 1904, in Springfield, Massachusetts, the  son of Theodor Robert Geisel and Henrietta (Seuss) Geisel.        As he grew, Dr. Seuss credited his mother for his extraordinary ability and desire to create rhymes since she would chant them as a means […]

Simple Way to Teach the Alphabet

A simple way to teach the alphabet with rhymes! Are you looking for a simple way to teach the alphabet?  No doubt you’ve sang the ABC song more times than you can count and you’re concerned that you need to do more to help your child grasp the letters in a more meaningful way.  Welcome […]

Kindergarten Readiness Skills

The following kindergarten readiness list is courtesy of the earlychildhoodeducationzone.   Please note that there is an ongoing controversy among many education professionals as to the appropriateness of these standards currently expected of your kindergarten student.   LANGUAGE READINESS: – Recognizes own name in print and attempts to write it – Expresses ideas so that […]

Kindergarten – Too Much Too Soon?

Kindergarten, the New 1st Grade There is no doubt that kindergarten has changed substantially in the last few decades, and not for the better according to many teachers.  There is a growing consensus among educators that kindergarten students are being pushed into learning rigid academic standards which are simply beyond their ability to grasp and […]

Promoting Early Literacy

Understanding & Promoting Early Literacy   Early literacy refers to what children know about reading and writing before they actually learn to read and write. It is the foundation upon which children will be ready to learn to read and write when they are taught. Literacy begins the minute a child is born. The summation […]

Extend the Value of Reading Aloud

There are several ways to boost the benefits of reading aloud with your child, and thereby increase language skills.  Don’t limit yourself to just reading the words on each page.  You can stretch the learning value by talking about the illustrations and story, asking your child questions about what is happening, and even incorporating your […]

Happy Spring!

  Hooray for May!  I bet it’s one of Mother Nature’s favorite months as she witnesses the magical reawakening of her magnificent inhabitants as they arise and sprout forth from their quiet wintery slumber.   May is the perfect month for long walks and bike rides, so we too can appreciate the breathtaking beauty that’s […]

Build Reading Skills With Poetry

April is National Poetry Month!  Take advantage of this opportunity to expose your child to this wonderful form of artistry.  Poems are short, fun, and easy to understand.  The rhyming words help develop an awareness of language fundamentals and naturally help boost reading skills.   Following are five ways that you can further increase the […]

How Does Reading Work?

I came across this article today, “How Does Reading Work,” which explains, in easy-to-understand language, how the whole process of learning to read takes place, although admittedly it is quite complex.   It breaks reading down into five processes, all of which must be mastered in order to attain proficiency:   1.  Phonemic Awareness 2.  […]

Sing Along with Alphabet Anatomy’s Letters

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for some singing and dancing with the Alphabet Anatomy Rap, so grab the little ones and have some fun getting goofy and giggly.   While you’re engaged in these memorable moments, you’ll be stimulating and strengthening your child’s development in a ton of different areas including intellectual, social and emotional, […]

Evaluating a Child Care Program

Recently, I was contacted by a gentleman, on behalf of the YMCA, asking if I thought the following information that he composed would be helpful to share with my readers.  It comprises a list of questions to consider when visiting and researching “after-school programs,” but the questions are useful when considering any type of child-care […]

Read Aloud for 15 Minutes!

I’m so excited and honored to become a “Read Aloud for 15 Minutes” partner and help spread their powerful message to “turn daily reading aloud for 15 minutes from a recommendation into a parenting ‘must’.”  Why:   “Because 15 minutes of reading aloud each day can change the face of education in this country.”   […]

What’s Unique About Alphabet Anatomy?

Alphabet books are a wonderful way to acquaint your child with the alphabet letters and there are a multitude of wonderful books from which to choose.  There are several things that set Alphabet Anatomy apart from other alphabet books, however, most of which incorporate a certain theme with which to introduce the letters.   Alphabet […]

Why Letter Knowledge is Important

The ability to identify the letters of the alphabet by name is one of the best predictors of how readily a child will learn to read.  (Treiman, Kessler, & Pollo, 2006)   Numerous studies have proven that a child’s knowledge of letters is a strong predictor of his/her success in learning to read.  (Bond & […]

Understanding Early Literacy

“Early literacy” is a term you have probably heard many times.  You may wonder what it really is.  What early literacy is not, is the teaching of reading.  Rather, early literacy refers to what children know about reading and writing before they actually learn to read and write.   Early literacy is the building of […]