Understanding Early Literacy

“Early literacy” is a term you have probably heard many times.  You may wonder what it really is.  What early literacy is not, is the teaching of reading.  Rather, early literacy refers to what children know about reading and writing before they actually learn to read and write.   Early literacy is the building of […]

Letter A Vocabulary

“A has a point at the top of her head. Under her belt, she hides apples so red. A – Apples”     As you can see, letter A absolutely adores apples.  In fact, she can hardly contain her adoration and can often be heard advocating the healthy advantages of ingesting apples by loudly proclaiming, […]

Vocabulary = Victory

Letter V volunteered to stop by and remind everyone about the importance of introducing children to new vocabulary words.  The best ways to achieve that goal are to engage in meaningful conversations each day about a variety of different topics, even the most routine ones, and to read lots of books together.  The more words […]

Peek Inside our Parent Guide

Our Parent Guide provides a cohesive approach to engage in some fun and meaningful play activities with your child and at the same time increase letter knowledge and strengthen early literacy skills.   Each letter consists of a discussion topic, activity, craft, and kinesthetic movement to reinforce each letter’s fundamental components.  Set forth below are […]

Love at First Sight

I remember the day.  I was sitting on the blue velour couch in our family room.  There was a calm stillness throughout the house, and though there were hundreds of tasks I could attend to, I chose to sit quietly for a bit — something I rarely allowed myself to do.   My older 3 […]

Benefits of Nursery Rhymes

There’s just something magical about putting rhyming words together to tell a story, send a message, or teach a lesson.   Aside from their melodic sounds, rhymes provide a host of educational benefits for your child:   They are good for the brain. They teach children how language works. They build memory skills. They connect […]

Helping Parents Promote Literacy

We’re excited to introduce our Parent Guide to be used with our first book, Meet the Capital Letters, to help parents discover fun and easy ways that encourage early literacy.  You’ll also find practical ways to help your child master the alphabet letters and engage in meaningful activities that enhance learning.   In addition, for […]

Branson’s Mural

I think this poster is just amazing so I wanted to share it with you.  Branson was asked to make a mural for his school depicting the State of Arizona.  Here’s what he came up with.   It was entered in the Phoenix Art Festival, and won first place!  His school, Chandler Early College, was […]

Christmas 2013!

  Okay, I haven’t blogged for so long…  This is something I really need to work on!  Here it is, 2014, the start of a brand New Year, and I’m looking forward to making it the best year it can be.   Christmas seems to get more hectic every year, but part of it I […]

Staggering Statistics!

According to the 2013 “Nation’s Report Card,” just 42 percent of fourth-graders and 35 percent of eighth-graders scored at or above the proficient level in math.  Worse yet, only 35 percent of fourth-graders and 36 percent of eighth-graders scored proficiently in reading.   These are the findings of the most recent study by the National […]

An Island for Misfit Toys!

Remember the Island of Misfit Toys?  All those toys wanted was a child to love them.  Well, Second Chance Toys brings that part of Rudolph’s story to life — really!   No stranger to volunteerism and community service, teenage founder Sasha Lipton, during a drive with her mom in the summer of 2006, noticed many […]

YMCA helps fill the gap in early literacy!

The achievement gap in literacy begins before a child starts school.  It’s crucial that parents and caregivers understand that.  Sadly, poverty is a major disadvantage for children, with studies showing vast and gaping differences in kindergarten readiness skills in children from lower-income families.  The hard truth is that many of these children will never catch […]

The Early Literacy Crisis

http://www.parenting.com/article/the-early-literacy-crisis It’s heartbreaking to realize that our world is so often such an unfair place.  That some children are born to parents who are actively involved in their lives and provide the stimulating, loving, and nurturing environment which they need to thrive, while other children are born into poverty and almost certain to fail… in […]