Dogs Could Heal the World

It was a thoughtful conversation with a complicated topic — trying to dissect the world’s problems and the best way to keep our spirits elevated while still remaining sufficiently informed of current events. A family discussion over morning coffee…. Not a cheery way to start the day, I know, but at least it was engaging and still counts as quality time together. Another intriguing subject also arose concerning the root meanings of many words in the English language. To be sure, an absolutely endless array of knowledge exists for anyone seeking to venture past the common themes of everyday life.



Once the debate concluded, I retreated to my bedroom to get ready for my morning walk, which has easily become a highlight of each day. As I sat on the bathtub lacing up my tennis shoes, a slew of lagging thoughts still rambled through my head – summarily pondering the growing state of discontent in our nation, and around the world, and why we humans cannot simply accept our benign differences and unitedly strive for the same general goals of good will and peace for all. No doubt many others are also troubled to witness the enormous divide America is experiencing as a result of the 2016 presidential election.



As if sensing my quandary, Ryder (one of our three much loved and deservedly spoiled dogs) meandered in, sat herself right in front of me, and adoringly gazed up with empathetic eyes. And just then a profound realization emerged.



Language is truly fascinating and in that instant it occurred to me there is no coincidence that the word “dog” spelled backwards is “god.” How to heal the world’s most inherent problems may very well be hidden in plain sight by observing and mirroring the character of our beloved four-legged friends.



I can think of no other creature that has mastered the art of unconditional love more expertly than our canine family. LOVE – they absolutely crave it…, more than anything. It is their very sustenance. And they give it back — continuously and effortlessly. If we’re honest with ourselves, LOVE is what we humans crave most of all too.



They do not discriminate or care what color, race, or creed their humans are, nor what they look like or what status they hold. A human is a human; dogs are blind to any differences.




Unshakeable loyalty and instinctive protection innately define them. Material possessions are meaningless in their eyes; rather, relationships are everything.




Their unyielding devotion is unmatched as they place their humans in the highest esteem and value their companionship above all.




They skillfully and selflessly render compassion whenever needed, and intuitively understand human emotion.




They see nothing but good in their humans. Flaws, faults, and failures are neither recognized nor measured.




Their love is completely pure and unchanging, and abundantly lavished upon their humans every single day.




Now, take a moment to imagine if we humans were also blind to differences and possessed unyielding devotion, unshakeable loyalty, and instinctive protection for one another… How different the world would be.




Indeed, dogs are man’s best friends. I wonder how long they’ve been hoping we’ll someday catch on. Here they are setting the perfect example for how we can live in peace and harmony with one another. Fur-covered angels working their miracles right in our very homes.




Maybe there’s a canine language only they understand — to which humanity has not yet elevated…


They will heroically continue to love and protect us humans – providing boundless joy in their own unique ways, that we’ve come to treasure so deeply. I dare to speculate that they’re secretly hoping we will eventually follow their noble example — for to love as they do would truly bring peace and unity to our world.




Modeling the way for us to be the best we can be… Surely there is no greater friend than that.




Love is love is love. Dogs know this to be true, and their lives reflect it. When we humans can realize the simplicity of this truth, and reflect it in our lives as well, surely we can heal our world.





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