Evolving Easter Baskets

I just realized only eleven days until Easter — March 31st.  It’s early this year.  I’m wondering if kids ever outgrow Easter baskets, specifically my kids, who are no longer “kids” but four big, tall young men — 17, 22, 24 and 27.  When the boys were little, it was easy to add action figures and Hot Wheels and dollar store toys to their candy for lots of fun surprises.  They were excited to help color Easter eggs and make swirly designs and write names and add stickers.   I used to hide their baskets and they’d search for them on Easter morning.  They turned up in cabinets and closets and even the clothes dryer.


The best part of Easter was the plastic egg hunt, with not only more treats but money too.  When the eggs were all found, they’d want me to hide them all over again.


Now that I have big boys — young men — it’s become a dilemma of what to put in their Easter baskets.  A good thing is all four of them are very health-conscious so they won’t eat a lot of candy.  That’s good for me too since I won’t be inclined to purchase much of that delectable chocolate eying me from the store shelves.  Skateboards and muscle building apparatus are much too big for Easter baskets.  Protein bars?  Maybe.  Gift cards?  Of course.  Money?  Absolutely.  But all that fun and the magical anticipation?  I’m sad to say that part is gone….but thank goodness for happy memories!


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