Alphabet Anatomy - The Art of Learning the Letters and Their Lives

Fabulously Fit with Letter F

Letter F has more to teach kids than the sound he makes in words, although that is his very favorite sound for sure.


Feeling fabulous is foremost on his list, however, and fitting fitness firmly into one’s day is a fine habit to follow.



“F, fit and fine, both arms straight to the right,

fitness is his thing, all day and all night.

F – Fitness”


As you can tell by his pic, letter F focuses on flexibility and familiar muscle-building techniques.  Figure out your favorite ways to exercise and fashion your own fitness routine to stay fit and healthy.


Another important factor for staying fit is eating foods that provide the nutrients and minerals your body needs to function at full capacity.


Letter F favors all kinds of fruit.  In fact, his fitness facility features one of the most flavorful fruit smoothies in the whole four corners of the earth.  It’s fortified with fifteen fascinating ingredients!  Famed for fighting fatigue, these fantastically foamy drinks often win first place at the annual farmer’s market and other food festivities.  You can formulate your own flavorful fruit smoothie recipe too!


Focusing on fitness will help your body and mind flourish, and that is always fabulous!