Happy Teacher’s Week

Good evening, everyone!  I’ve been really busy on some very exciting things that are coming in the near future but I wanted to give a big shout-out to all you amazing teachers out there.  Although my boys are older now, I’m still so grateful to the incredibly caring teachers who touched their lives in such a special way.


I can only imagine how difficult a job teachers have and I’m so appreciative of the immeasurable dedication and sacrifice they expend in educating our children.  So, teachers everywhere, thank you so very much for all you do!

A Teacher, A Friend


A teacher is a person who has the task each day —

Of imparting understanding to each child who comes her way

And making sure her students learn skills of many kinds

Inspiring and encouraging their young, aspiring minds.

With love and guidance she may play a very special part

In touching very deeply a child’s tender heart

For teachers are looked up to by the students whom they teach

A special bond begins to grow in each young mind they reach.

She often holds a key that may open up a door —

To a special skill or talent a child never knew before

So many countless hours of her time she will expend

For she knows how much upon her the students all depend.

Along with academics, there are lessons to instill —

Of just as great importance to the hearts and minds she’ll fill

It takes unselfish patience and dedicated care

And maybe even sometimes a special little prayer.

She knows that it’s her tender words or smile a child needs

And she’s aware that each new day she’s planting little seeds —

Of knowledge and encouragement that in each child will grow

Long after the time comes for her to let each child go.

The rewards a teacher gains aren’t always seen right from the start

For often they’re the kind that go way deep within the heart

But the essence of a teacher’s not too hard to comprehend

To a child, she is just a very special kind of friend.


Copyright Treasured Reflections.  Poetry by Linda Ann Jones.  All rights reserved.

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