Love at First Sight

I remember the day.  I was sitting on the blue velour couch in our family room.  There was a calm stillness throughout the house, and though there were hundreds of tasks I could attend to, I chose to sit quietly for a bit — something I rarely allowed myself to do.


My older 3 boys were at school, and Rick at work, but I wasn’t alone.  In my arms I held the most incredible and precious blessing that life can bestow, the 4th time around for me.  It had been five years since I last fell in love at first sight and all the busy and hectic days that comprised those years made me forget the magic.


I wasn’t overjoyed to discover I was pregnant for the 4th time.  I cried.  It wasn’t in my plan.  In fact, I initially thought it was a huge inconvenience.  The days of lugging diaper bags and needing car seats and fitting in nap times had long passed, and it was time to move forward to a new phase in my family’s life.  I talked it over with God several times.  Why did He have to allow me to get pregnant; why not someone who really longed for a baby?


Back to my couch…  As I sat there, I apologized to God for taking life for granted.  In between more and more tears, I thanked Him for knowing exactly what was right for my family and me.  And most of all, I thanked Him a thousand times over for blessing me with another opportunity to feel the indescribable joy of holding my precious new baby, knowing he was the most beautiful thing I could ever lay my eyes on, and radiating with overwhelming and eternal love that is truly unmatched in all the universe.


I wanted to stay there for way longer than time would allow, to cherish those moments like never before.  I didn’t want to ever forget again.  I love him SO much, more than words can ever say.  Thank you, God, for entrusting him to me.  Thank you for your infinite wisdom.  Thank you!


I wrote these words later that day.


Miracle of Love


Months have passed, the day is here

My little angel does appear

God’s new masterpiece is done

And my job has just begun.

You are laid upon my breast

So content, you softly rest

My perspective now has changed

Everything’s been rearranged.

Helpless eyes look up at me

A whole new world in you I see

Tiny fingers grasp my thumb

A whole new person I’ve become.

A brand new life I must help mold

From this pure innocence I hold

All my thoughts are now of you

You have made a dream come true.

Unimagined love, so much

Your smile, your smell, your laugh, your touch

I thank each day the Lord above

For you, my miracle of love.


Copyright Linda Ann Jones.  All rights reserved.



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