Extend the Value of Reading Aloud

There are several ways to boost the benefits of reading aloud with your child, and thereby increase language skills.  Don’t limit yourself to just reading the words on each page.  You can stretch the learning value by talking about the illustrations and story, asking your child questions about what is happening, and even incorporating your child’s own experiences whenever possible.


You’ll also want to stay mindful of opportunities to introduce new vocabulary words during your conversations as well.  Whenever you can substitute a different word for a commonly used word, definitely take advantage of those occasions.


Alphabet Anatomy’s busy letters make it easy and fun to expand the learning.  Here are some examples to engage your child in conversation after reading the letter’s rhyme.  Of course, some of these examples will depend on your child’s age but even if your child is not conversing yet, talking about the illustrations and rhymes will provide rich and valuable literacy growth.


Let’s breeze by letter B’s barbeque!



B is my buddy.  He’s two bellies fat,

from eating big burgers all day as he sat.

B – Burgers


  • Letter B has two bulging bellies from binging on way too many burgers!  What is your favorite food and was there ever a time that you ate way too much?


  • What toppings would you put on your most delicious burger?  Letter B’s favorite is the beefy broiled bacon burger, sandwiched between brown-bread biscuits, which he boasts is blissful to the last bite!


  • Letter B is having a barbeque.  When did you attend a barbeque and what food was served?  What friends or relatives were there?


  • If you could have your own barbeque, what would be on the menu?


  • What other things that start with the letter B might you see at a barbeque?  Maybe bugs?  How many different bugs can you name?  Letter B loves butterflies but thinks most other bugs are bothersome, except for bumblebees, but only if they promise not to sting.


  • What other activities might people do at a barbeque?  Letter B especially likes to blow bubbles.


  • Count the number of burgers and name all the colors on letter B’s page.


Kite-flying with letter K!



With her right arm stretched up, K can fly her kite high.

Her right leg sticks forward for balance, that’s why.

K – Kite


  • Did you ever fly a kite?  Talk about that adventure and how high your kite flew.


  • Was there a strong wind that day or was it just a little breezy?  Were there any clouds in the sky?


  • Letter K’s kite is red.  What color was your kite?


  • Identify your right and left arm, and your right and left leg.  How high can you stretch your right arm up?


  • Can you balance on your right leg?  Switch, and balance on your left leg.


  • Name the colors in the rainbow.  Did you ever see a rainbow in the sky and what did you think about it?  How did it make you feel?


  • How many flowers and clouds can you count?


Letter P is popping by now!



P has a pot belly, sticks out right on top,

and her passion for pizza might soon make it pop.

P – Pizza


  • Is there a kid who doesn’t like pizza?  What toppings would make your picture-perfect pizza?  You can see that letter P prefers pepperoni!


  • Did you ever make a homemade pizza?  Would you like to try?  It would make letter P proud.


  • Pizzas usually come in three different sizes — small, medium, large.  What size would you make and why?


  • Count the number of slices in letter P’s pizza.  Can you count the pieces of pepperoni too?


  • What shape is the pizza and what shape makes up the tablecloth?


  • How many other foods can you name that begin with letter P?  A few are: poultry, pickles, pears, peanuts, plums, pie.


  • Letter P’s hat looks like it’s popping off her head.  What color is it?  Do you ever wear a hat and what color is yours?


Welcome letter W!



W’s wagons wheel fun far and wide,

down and up, down and up, like a roller-coaster ride!

W – Wagons


  • Whizzing and whooshing in letter W’s wagons is wildly fun.  What colors are the wagons and what color is letter W?


  • Do you have your own wagon?  Do you ride in it or do you pull it yourself?  Does it carry your toys or other items?


  • Have you ever been to an amusement park where there were lots of different rides?  Which one was your favorite?  Did you wave to your mom or dad?


  • Were you ever afraid to go on a ride, and why?  Was it too high or did it go too fast?


  • Did the ride make you whimper, whine, wail, or weep?


  • Wishes is another word that starts with letter W.  What are your three most wonderful wishes that you hope will someday come true?


  • Have a contest to see who can name the most words that start with letter W.  Who is the winner?


These are just a few examples of how to engage your child in conversation with Alphabet Anatomy’s letters and rhymes.  We’re certain that you can think of a lot more!  Most of all, remember to have lots of fun!





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