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Our Parent Guide provides a cohesive approach to engage in some fun and meaningful play activities with your child and at the same time increase letter knowledge and strengthen early literacy skills.


Each letter consists of a discussion topic, activity, craft, and kinesthetic movement to reinforce each letter’s fundamental components.  Set forth below are the activities for letters L and P.


Really strive to get your child excited about the letters and relate them to your child’s world whenever possible.


Getting to know the alphabet letters has never been more fun!






Letter L tries hard to follow directions and longs to be a good leader.  Discuss the importance of following directions (and obeying parents) and why that is important.


Laugh over a lovely lunch and play “follow the leader.”


Notice how neatly letter L made his bed.  Which is the top and which is the bottom?  Can you make your bed?


Stand tall and erect and stick your right foot out to the side like letter L.


Let’s pop in on letter P!






Letter P prides herself on preparing picture-perfect pizzas.  What is your passion and what makes you proud?


Have your own pizza party!  Letter P’s favorite color is pink.  What’s yours?


Draw your picture-perfect pizza or make play-dough pizza.


Count the slices of pizza.  How many pepperoni are on each slice?  Name the shape on the tablecloth (square).


Put your hand on your belly, then fling it forward and yell “pop.”



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