School’s Out …. for Summer!

Alice Cooper’s lyrics are resounding in my head!!  “No more pencils, no more books….”


You know summer is officially here when the last day of school arrives.  The kids are ecstatic; the moms not so much…  If you’re wondering how to fill all those blistery summer days, keep the kiddos smiling, avoid the boredom blues, and hang on to your own sanity, here’s a helpful link that provides 100 summer craft ideas –


Can I just say how lucky moms are these days to have the internet — overflowing with the the talents of other witty, wise, and wonderfully creative moms — right at their fingertips?!  I did not have that luxury when my boys were little and it sure would have been handy.  I remember trying to conjure up some fun crafts to keep their fidgety little bodies entertained for a while…  I am not as brilliantly crafty as most of these moms, but we did have fun.


I have to admit that I’m a little wistful to realize that this is Branson’s last official “summer vacation” since he’ll be a senior this coming July.  His “year-round” schedule allots only 7 weeks instead of 12 for summer break (which I love because he gets more time off during the rest of the year).  Yes, the last of my boys will be graduating next year, and I wish I could turn back the time… just for a little bit.


One more summer — the 4 of them — ages 2 through 12.  I would make it the happiest, most memorable summer ever.  Because I would know how fast time will sneak up and steal those moments away, and that they’ll be gone forever….  And I would know that I’d want them back someday.


I know it’s hectic when they’re little, everything’s crazy busy, and you just long for five minutes of peace and quiet.  But they really do grow up so incredibly fast… and your child will be graduating before you know it.  Really, it’s true!


This summer, make it magical…  You’ll be so glad that you did!




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