Sing Along with Alphabet Anatomy’s Letters

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for some singing and dancing with the Alphabet Anatomy Rap, so grab the little ones and have some fun getting goofy and giggly.


While you’re engaged in these memorable moments, you’ll be stimulating and strengthening your child’s development in a ton of different areas including intellectual, social and emotional, language, creativity, motor, memory skills, recognition of patterns and sequence, coordination, and overall literacy.


Music helps “wire” the brain, thus supporting a higher level of thinking.  Plus, children with a strong sense of beat are more likely to read well.


The lyrics to the Alphabet Anatomy Rap also continue to reinforce your child’s letter recognition and knowledge in addition to all the benefits of rhyming!


Try taking turns singing each letter or trade off singing the letters that are most meaningful to you such as the ones in your name.  Gather children in a circle and have them take turns going in the middle and “rapping” their letter.  Preview the song here: Alphabet Anatomy Rap!




Letters are more than what you see in Alphabet Anatomy

Come take a look now – have you heard

They do much more than make a word

I’ll introduce you to the crew; you’ll be surprised at all they do.


Letter A is absolute that apples are her favorite fruit.

Behind the barb is letter B – basting burgers blissfully.

Caring for cats makes letter C – compassionate; how cool is she.

D’s the dude who does the diving; his dalmatian does high-fiving.

Escapades enchant indeed, and E helps out with every need.

Letter F has muscles bulging; fitness is what he’s indulging.

Ghosts and goblins fill each story; letter G is in his glory.

In hops H on stilts so tall; harmonicas are such a ball.

I’s ingenious from his reading – if there’s a crime he’s interceding.

Jubilees with joyous jumpin’ – that’s how letter J keeps pumpin’.

K’s from Kansas, her kite’s flying – really high; it’s mesmerizing.

L is marching ladybugs, lizards too; they cut some rugs.

Mountains are magnificent – letter M, that’s where he went.

N’s a ninja, he’s nocturnal, and nutrition tops his journal.

Optimistic O is sweet; obstacles are obsolete.

Patriotic parrot’s singing; perfect pizza P is bringing.

Q’s been quiet for a while; questions used to make him smile.

Royal root-beer floats abound – for each rock that R has found.

On a scooter squeaky clean, S’s sash is sparkly green.

Tree house tall with every trimming; T has fun surprises brimming.

Underwater U is finding – is where he likes best unwinding.

View the village, front and center – V makes sure no villains enter.

Welcome tots, come have a whirl – W’s a wild girl.

Exing out brings X such pleasure – in exasperating measure.

Y gives thanks in her front yard – and doing yoga isn’t hard.

At the zoo all beasts are booming – letter Z does daily grooming.


Learning your letters is easily done

Exploring their lives is a whole lot of fun.



© 2013 by Linda Ann Jones – Alphabet Anatomy. All rights reserved.


Please be considerate of copyright and remember that these lyrics to the Alphabet Anatomy Rap are provided for personal use only and are not to be shared or used for any commercial purposes without the express consent of the author.  Thank you!


Click to download in a Word doc:  Alphabet Anatomy Rap




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