A Child’s Voice

I’m only little once, he’d say

So please take time to come and play

My time with you is always best

I’d pick you over all the rest.


Please teach me things I need to know

There’s much to learn each day I grow

A lot I don’t yet understand

For me, it’s all a strange new land.


Sometimes I’m scared, sometimes I’m brave

And sometimes I just don’t behave

But please don’t yell or get real mad

You see, that makes me really sad.


I like your arms around me tight —

To reassure me in the night

This world can be so big and cold

So that’s why you have me to hold.


Someday I really want to be —

All that you expect of me

For now I need time to explore

I’m always learning more and more.


No matter what I do or say

Please love me each and every day

I think that’s what I mostly need

And then, I think, I can succeed.


I’ll make you proud — real big I’ll grow

And then you can look back and know

Together we have made it through

And all I am — I owe to you.


© Treasured Reflections. Poetry by Linda A. Jones. All rights reserved.


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