Letter D digs his daily diving routine and practices diligently.



D climbs a ladder, circles right in a dive,

swims back to the ladder, and comes out alive.

D – Dive

He’s determined to reach his destiny of establishing himself as the world’s most dynamic diver ever! Is there something you like to do that you practice diligently?


Now is a great time to introduce letter N!



N is 1 pointy mountain that nosedives to a fall,

right into his neighbor, who put up a wall.

N – Neighbor


We should all naturally strive to be neighborly, right?  Letter N certainly tries… How can you be a good neighbor?



Let’s meet letter G!  Guess what his favorite time of day is…?



G has a round back but stays open at right,

where he takes one step in, and then says goodnight.

G – Goodnight


Bedtime! What’s your favorite time of day? What’s your favorite bedtime routine?




Thanks for visiting some more of our letters!


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