Alphabet Anatomy Coloring and Workbook Cover (2)

About this Book

Our first coloring & workbook provides fun activities for continued reinforcement of letter identification, sound, shape, and print awareness.  Learn more about the letters and their lives while expressing creative artistry and developing handwriting and pre-reading skills.


* The loveable capital letters for your child to color.

* Workbook pages for writing practice.

* Additional phonics instruction provides extra coloring activity for each letter.

* Fun sentences to read and practice with your child and grow rich vocabulary.


Below are some suggestions to help your child achieve optimal benefit from this book:


• Praise your child’s art masterpieces as he/she colors each capital letter.


• Help your child recite Alphabet Anatomy’s rhyming verses from “Meet the Capital Letters” while coloring and writing the letters.


• Ensure that your child is holding the pencil correctly when writing the letters.


• All letter strokes should begin at the top.


• Help your child practice each letter sound with the key words and the letter objects.


• See how many additional words you can think of with the same letter sound.


• Practice the kinesthetic letter movements from Alphabet Anatomy’s “Parent Guide” while doing the workbook activities.


• Read the sentences with your child and use them as a springboard to engage in further questions and story-telling about the letters and their lives.


• Always allow your child to work at his/her own pace so that learning is never looked upon as a chore.


• Praise the progress that your child makes each day.


Remember that investing time in your child’s early literacy foundation will facilitate a solid and easy transition to mastery of more difficult literacy skills.


The loveable letters in Alphabet Anatomy are sure to make your child smile! 

And nothing makes the letters happier than helping children learn to read and write!


If you prefer, you can print just the coloring pages of the capital letters:



Look for more coloring & workbooks in the future!


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