This is it!

Yes, this is it!  My very first book fair with Alphabet Anatomy.  Not only a fair, but a “festival” — the Tucson Festival of Books — a celebration!  And when it comes to books, there are certainly a lot of things to celebrate.


Books educate and entertain us, take us to far-off magical places, introduce us to intriguing and masterful characters, all the while expanding our minds and imaginations in profound and limitless ways.  I’ve been trying to anticipate everything I’ll need to really make the most of this amazing opportunity.  I’m so looking forward to meeting the many talented authors and other professionals.  There’s so much to learn in the seminars as they share their knowledge and experience.


It rained all day here in Gilbert, Arizona — gushing rain with bolts of thunder.  I love the rain but it’s not conducive to an outside festival.  So sending up a prayer that the sun shines on Tucson this weekend.  Either way, I know there’s a rainbow in my sky.


Wishing you all wonderful days ahead too.  “May you walk between the raindrops, and be showered with blessings from above.”


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