YMCA helps fill the gap in early literacy!

The achievement gap in literacy begins before a child starts school.  It’s crucial that parents and caregivers understand that.  Sadly, poverty is a major disadvantage for children, with studies showing vast and gaping differences in kindergarten readiness skills in children from lower-income families.  The hard truth is that many of these children will never catch up.


I applaud the YMCA for stepping up to help.  If you know of any families who could benefit by the YMCA’s Early Learning Readiness program, please let them know about this resource in their community.  It is so very vital for these children.  Help spread the word!


Listed below are 30 YMCAs that currently offer the Early Learning Readiness program:


1. Decatur Family YMCA, Ga.

2. Austin Metropolitan YMCA, Texas

3. Merrimack Valley YMCA, Mass.

4. Greater Burlington YMCA , Vt.

5. Newark YMCA, N.J.

6. Tampa Metropolitan YMCA, Fla.

7. Treasure Valley YMCA, Idaho

8. YMCA of Anaheim, Calif.

9. Oklahoma City YMCA

10. YMCA of the Chesapeake, Md.

11. Wabash County YMCA, Ind.

12. YMCA of Eastern Union County, N.J.

13. West Broad Street YMCA, Ga.

14. YMCA of Greater Louisville, Ky.

15. YMCA of Brandywine Valley, Pa.

16. YMCA of Greater Tulsa, Okla.

17. YMCA of Cass and Clay Counties, N.D.

18. YMCA of Honolulu

19. YMCA of Dubuque, Iowa

20. YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles

21. YMCA of Grays Harbor, Wash.

22. YMCA of Silicon Valley, San Jose, Calif.

23. YMCA of Greater Indianapolis

24. YMCA of Southwest Illinois

25. YMCA of Greater Kansas City, Mo.

26. YMCA of Greater Omaha, Neb.

27. YMCA of Marquette County, Mich.

28. YMCA of the Suncoast, Fla.

29. YMCA of the Twin Cities, Minn.

30. YMCA of Wichita, Kan.


Read the full article here:   http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/10/23/3705505_p2/ymca-preschools-fill-a-need-by.html



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