A Brand New Year

It’s always just a tiny bit sad when Christmas is over.  All the built-up anticipation for so many weeks, the planning to get everything just right, the excitement, but most of all the love and kindness that always abounds during the holidays — I love that feeling — and then the magic quietly dissipates.  Everything is suddenly back to normal.


Tomorrow I will pack away the tree, the ornaments, and all the other decorations; and the house will seem so still and non-joyful for a bit.  I will miss the happy snowmen, the angels, the shiny lights, and my nativity set that reminds me of Jesus’ birth.  But it’s 2013!  A brand new year means a fresh start to live each day as I know I should.  I vow that I will strive to do that — more patience, more understanding, less of me and more of others.


What do you hope to achieve in the coming year?  We can all make a fresh start.  We can all change the world in our own small way.  Using our own unique gifts and talents in a positive manner so that others may benefit from them — I think that is the challenge given to each of us.  Yes, that is my resolution.  Are you up to the challenge too?


May the magic of Christmas continue through the New Year, may your love be overflowing, and may your blessings be abundant.


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