Our Forever Heroes

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”  Winston Churchill


That’s the quotation underneath Scott Norris’ picture on his memorial program.  He and 3 other fallen Hot Shots were laid to rest this weekend.  I read  about all of them in the newspaper and stared in disbelief at each of their pictures as the tears rolled uncontrollably down my face.  I watched the recast of the memorial service on T.V. yesterday and my heart broke as more beautiful photographs flashed across the screen.  So full of life, so strong and handsome, and so much more life to live…  I listened to the speakers pay tribute to their incredible sacrificial service, trying so hard to give the families some small measure of hope and comfort.  These are times when there simply are no answers — tragic beyond comprehension.  Only God knows why He needs them in Heaven more than He needs them here.  My heart hurts for their families.  It doesn’t make sense.


I first saw the number “19” in an email before it was all over the news — 19, it couldn’t be!!  I live in Arizona.  My husband is a retired firefighter and served 25 years with the Chandler Fire Department.  He was on the HazMat team.  At one time, he wanted to join the Wild Land fire team.  I told him I thought it was too dangerous.


Thousands of firefighters filled the Toyota Center in Prescott, Arizona, to pay respect to their fallen brothers.  I’ve seen that intangible brotherhood bond close-up.  I’ve seen the character these guys display every day of their lives — selfless honor and respect for their fellow man, and for one another.  I am proud to know them.  I am proud to be married to one of them.


I cut out the 19 newspaper pictures and all the stories.  I’m going to make scrapbook pages of our heroes; it will be my personal tribute.  I will honor them and never ever forget….their courage, compassion, and willingness to protect and guard their fellow man and their communities.  There is no greater love….


“All men are created equal… and then some become firefighters.”  I think that sums it up well.


R.I.P. dear Hot Shots.  God bless and watch over your families.  I know He will.


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